how these people manage to walk around in broad daylight without having shoes and eggs and large soda cups full of urine thrown at them is beyond me

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In 2011, Alan Guei beat 7 of his classmates in a free-throw contest at their Compton high school and won $40,000. When he later learned he had earned a full-ride college basketball scholarship, he donated his entire cash prize to the other competitors so they’d be able to follow their dreams along with him. Source

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Im pretty sure I walk past a lot more cops than that


Welpity Welp Welpington

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Always catching me we a toothpick

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Perspective on disease. Republicans have the worst memories. They also thought certain people deserved to die. #AIDS

Reagan’s communications director, Pat Buchanan, also argued that AIDS “[was] nature’s revenge on gay men”.

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I remember when I first saw this picture man . Mike literally looks like he posing to submit a picture to one of them street aesthetic blogs …like everything the man did was ahead of his time

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