Look at what the fuck we got in the mail this morning. Less than a month away until the dopest cookbook ever drops.

Preorder your copy now or get left behind this fall.  

Don’t buy this book! This blog is run by corny white people pretending to be black by awkwardly inserting “motherfuckin” and “shit” in their recipes. 


Read Thug Kitchen: A Recipe in Blackface for a breakdown of their shenanigans, including the racist commercial they released to promote this racist book under their racist brand.

If you want an actual “thug” perspective on food that’s not a total mockery and actually stands for something, consider The Hood Health Handbook, written by actual black people who actually give a fuck instead of exploiting black culture for $$$.

I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!!!!

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Water is wet yall

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knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit

wisdom is not putting it in a fruit salad 

That was deep

philosophy is wondering if that means ketchup is a smoothie

That was deeper.

common sense is knowing that ketchup isn’t a damn smoothie you nasty

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I’ve been posting alot lately about the important role the internet plays in African-Americans having the ability to create and publish their own content.  If you look above, you’ll see that what appears to be a diverse selection of television channels is actually only a network of channels owned by the same few corporations.  If the owner of a network does not want a certain television show aired, it wont get aired.  

The reasons for certain shows not getting aired can vary greatly, but when it comes to the types of Black television shows that get played, many African Americans are left asking questions.  In 2008, VH1 was set to air a show titled Interracial Love. The show, created by Tobias White, the white father of two interracial children, would feature professional, respectable, Black women who look beyond race to find true love.  According to the employee, network execs rejected the show because the depiction of the Black women would be in opposition to those shown on such popular (yet controversial) shows as Flavor of Love and its spawns, I Love New York and Flavor of Love: Charm SchoolIn a letter written to Black Press Radio, a VH1 employee shared what she was told happened during the production meeting. According to the employee, an executive stated: "It is our thoughts that the viewers are more interested in seeing Black people in a ‘ghetto’ role. This show will not sell." 

Who is telling our stories for us?

Well the answer to this question lies in the percentage of African-Americans who are actually directors and producers (you know, the people who in the end decide to force Black actresses to compete for limited roles and decide which direction the show will go in) .  When you look at the percentage of television producers who create “Black” television shows, the overwhelming majority of them are White.  When you look even closer at the percentage of White producers and directors who are also Jewish, you see that they make up an even larger percentage than those who are non-Jewish.  

I point this out for two reasons.  The first is that it is evident that diversity is not only measured by the diversity of the actors on the screen, but also by the diversity of the directors and producers.  The second is that if African-Americans are not able to create their own content and context, we are left with the same old stereotypical, fake Black media that BET has become so notorious for.  The television show Love and Hip Hop comes to mind.  I’ve listed below the producers for Love and Hip Hop.  The majority are white and Jewish.  We are not creating our own content on television.

Mona Scott-Young…executive producer (48 episodes, 2011-2014)Stefan Springman…executive producer (48 episodes, 2011-2014)Toby Barraud…executive producer (40 episodes, 2011-2014)Jeff Olde…executive producer (36 episodes, 2011-2014)Christian McLaughlin…executive producer: VH1 (26 episodes, 2011-2014)Stephanie Gayle…supervising producer / co-executive producer (26 episodes, 2011-2013)Lauren Veteri…story producer (20 episodes, 2011-2013)Jonelle J. Fenton…line producer (14 episodes, 2011-2012)Erin Mae Miller…associate producer (14 episodes, 2011-2012)David DiGangi…supervising post producer (12 episodes, 2013)Adrienne Jacobs…associate producer (12 episodes, 2013)Brian Jones…associate producer (12 episodes, 2013)Steve Unckles…post producer (12 episodes, 2013)Ian Gelfand…co-executive producer (11 episodes, 2013-2014)Kenny Hull…executive producer (9 episodes, 2011)Kate Barry…line producer (9 episodes, 2013)Timothy McConville…post producer (8 episodes, 2011)Jay Sinrod…line producer (8 episodes, 2011)Christopher Stout…co-executive producer (8 episodes, 2013)Amita Patel…post producer (7 episodes, 2013)Joyce Washington…segment producer: reality (6 episodes, 2011-2012)Renard Young…co-executive producer (6 episodes, 2011-2012)Jim Czarnecki…line producer (5 episodes, 2013)Sean David Johnson…co-executive producer (3 episodes, 2013)Brad Abramson…executive producer / executive producer: VH1 (2 episodes, 2013)Danielle Gelfand…executive producer / executive producer: VH1 (2 episodes, 2013)Chase Peel…co-executive producer (2 episodes, 2013)Shelly Tatro…executive producer / executive producer: VH1 (2 episodes, 2013)Timothy Cashman…associate producer (1 episode, 2011)Angela Castro…supervising producer (unknown episodes)Phakiso Collins…associate producer (unknown episodes)Dalia Davies…associate producer (unknown episodes)

Try it out for yourself…

I encourage everyone to look up the list of producers who make these stereotypical, fake, “Black” television shows and google their names.  You will find that rarely is an African-American in a main decision making position on the set of these shows. Of course, it has purposefully been made very difficult for any producer or director who does not cater to the same stereotypical B.S., to get their work made into a show or movie.  If we do not take full advantage of the opportunities the internet provides us in creating our own media, then the same stereotypes will continue to be shown in that circus they call Hollywood.


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The Republican Party recently released an ad assuring us that, yes, there actually are Black Republicans.

A message that would have probably been more impactful if the only appearance of a Black person in their video wasn’t a stock photo they had to pay to use…

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BREAKING: Here’s the tweet that could lead to a new grand jury in Ferguson, MO. 

#Ferguson@shaunking took screenshot of tweeter @thesusannichols who claims to know juror on #MikeBrown #DarrenWilson grand jury & appears to be receiving leaked information. King says that within seconds of posting this, her friends told her to delete it & she did but not before it was screenshotted. She has since deleted her entire account but King says they checked & she is indeed a #STL resident w/ years’ worth of tweets from there. “If true, her tweet not only reveals a leak in the grand jury, but gives us an ugly glimpse into how things have gone so far. This person who posted it on twitter & her contact on the grand jury must be fully & completely investigated & removed if it’s true.”-@shaunking

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The spider catches the bee and the bee stings the spider. Both are dead, with the bee’s stinger still in the spider.  This is a great example showing why honey bees die after stinging something only once. Their stinger/venom sac are attached to other organs inside the bee, so when the stinger’s barbs lodge into something, everything gets pulled out, potentially including gut, etc and leaving a gaping hole in the bees abdomen. (From Here) 


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